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Sixth Annual Prescription for Criminal Justice Forensics Program June 5, 2015

Registration is now open for the Sixth Annual Prescription for Criminal Justice Forensics Program, on June 5, 2015, at the new Skadden Conference Center at Fordham Law School in New York City.  This program is cosponsored with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and will include an address by its president, Dr. Victor Weedn.  Topics […]

National Commission on Forensic Science Public Comments

The newest round of Draft Documents from the National Commission on Forensic Science is posted on the website.  The documents are available for public comments which are due by May 15, 2015.  You are encouraged to review these DRAFT documents and to submit any comments directly to the Commission.   The links to view the […]

OSAC Committee Report

Source: Barry K. Logan, PhD, AAFS 2013-14 President and AAFS NIST OSAC Ad Hoc Committee Chair The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step… The Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) had its kick-off meeting in Norman, OK, in early January. There were two sets of back-to-back meetings that brought together the […]

The New York County District Attorney’s Sexual Assault Kit Backlog Elimination Program

In April, District Attorney Vance released a Request for Proposals (RFP) soliciting grant applications for the $35 million initiative. Awards amounting up to $2 million will be granted for up to a two-year period. States, territories, local governments, law enforcement agencies, and public forensic labs may all apply for funding. Applicants will be required to demonstrate a […]

YFSF Bring Your Own Poster Session March 2015 News Update

The AAFS 67th Annual Scientific Meeting YFSF Poster Session showcased 24 poster presentations covering a variety of topics: DNA, toxicology, chemistry, and anthropology. Members of the Academy showed their interest and provided positive feedback and stimulating discussion with the presenters. Thank you to all the presenters of the YFSF Poster Session. The research truly showed […]

YSFS Bring Your Own Slides Session March 2015 News Update

The 2015 YFSF Bring Your Own Slides event was a hit! There were six outstanding research presentations. Mia Solomon, from the University of Central Oklahoma presented her research “Serial Homicide-Patterns in Cooling Off Periods.” Virginia Commonwealth University student Tiffany Layne presented “Stability and Variation of microRNAs for Body Fluid Identification” and George Washington graduate student […]

YSFS Breakfast Session March 2015 News Update

This year’s YFSF Breakfast Session, “Getting There: Unique Professional Journeys in Forensic Science,” was an entertaining and inspiring success. The two speakers provided a well-rounded presentation: Christine Funk gave advice on working in a crime lab and Ann Ross gave advice on working in an academic field. In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the […]

Recapping the First Public OSAC Meetings: What is an SDO?

Recapping the First Public OSAC Meetings: What is an SDO? Source: Reprinted from National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST): Feb. 16, Orlando, Fla. – Midway through the first day of a meeting devoted to public discussion of forensic science standards priorities, someone asked the question that was probably on many audience members’ minds. […]

Toxicology March 2015 News Update

Source: Sarah Kerrigan, PhD, Section Chair Thank you to everyone who helped make the 67th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences such a success. Tremendous thanks to our Section Program Chairs Becky Jufer and Dan Anderson for their hard work. With over 150 registered attendees, “Toxicology of the Poisoned Patient,” chaired […]

Questioned Documents March 2015 News Update

Source: Thomas W. Vastrick, BS, Section Chair The 67th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences is now in the books. The Questioned Documents Section sponsored three successful workshops. I would like to thank Karen Nobles, Peter Tytell, Mark Goff, and Linton Mohammed for their efforts in putting together tremendous and informative […]

Psychiatry & Behavioral Science March 2015 News Update

Source: Dean De Crisce, MD, Section Secretary The Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Section met at the 67th Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando, FL, on February 18. Our own Section member, Daniel Martell presided as President of AAFS during this last year and chose the theme Celebrating the Forensic Science Family for this year’s meeting. In […]

Odontology March 2015 News Update

Source: Iain A. Pretty, DDS, PhD, Section Chair I do hope you all had a safe journey from Orlando, and for those members who weren’t able to join us, you missed a great program put together by Adam Freeman and supported by all of our presenters. Our business meeting this year saw the approval of […]

Jurisprudence March 2015 News Update

Source: Christine Funk, JD, Section Chair Another successful Academy meeting has come to a close. The theme for the 2015 meeting, Celebrating the Forensic Science Family, was truly honored by the programming in the Jurisprudence Section. Jurisprudence was fortunate to have representatives from most of the other Academy sections presenting at the 2015 meeting. This […]

AAFS Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center

At the recent AAFS Annual Business Meeting in Orlando, then President Daniel Martell proudly announced the formation of a new AAFS initiative: the AAFS Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center. This new Center seeks to utilize the assets of the AAFS to promote the application of state-of-the-art forensic science to global human rights issues. The […]

Engineering Sciences March 2015 News Update

Source: John Nixon, MBA, Section Chair The meeting in Orlando was well attended. The ESS Academy Cup team did not win the event (hosted by ESS BOD Representative, Laura Liptai) but very much enjoyed the participation and the comradery. Engineering Sciences Section presented a full program of scientific papers – around sixty in all. Good […]

Criminalistics March 2015 News Update

Source: John J. Lentini, BA, Section Chair Despite the fact that temperatures in Orlando dropped into the low 30s during the week, a successful meeting was had, especially for those members who consider 34 to be “warm.” Karolyn Tontarski and Vincent Desiderio put together an outstanding scientific program, which included 123 oral presentations, 76 posters, […]

Anthropology March 2015 News Update

Source: Angi M. Christensen, PhD, Section Secretary The first ever annual meeting of the “Anthropology Section” was a success! Program Chair Gregory Berg and Program Co-Chair Kate Spradley would like to thank all of those who made this year’s program possible, particularly the AAFS staff, the section program committee reviewers, and all of the session […]

Additional FSF Endowment Fund Contributors March 2015 Update

AAFS SECTIONS Anthropology Section Criminalistics Section Engineering Sciences Section General Section Jurisprudence Section Pathology/Biology Section Psychiatry & Behavioral Science Section IN MEMORY OF PHILIP LEVINE Arthur Burns, DDS John Lewis, DDS IN MEMORY OF SANFORD D. ANGELOS Nicholas Godellas IN HONOR OF AAFS STAFF Roderick Kennedy, JD WARREN-YOUNG SCHOLARSHIP CONTRIBUTIONS Sandra Conradi, MD J.C. Upshaw […]

AAFS Outstanding Early Career Achievement in Forensic Science Award: Call for Nominations

The AAFS Past Presidents Council is pleased to announce that nominations are open for the inaugural Outstanding Early Career Achievement in Forensic Science Award, to be presented at the AAFS Annual Meeting in 2016. The award’s intent is to provide Academy-wide recognition for the contributions of an Associate Member, Member, or Fellow of the Academy […]

Marilyn A. Huestis Receives Distinguished Fellow Award

Professor Marilyn Huestis is tenured senior investigator and Chief of Chemistry and Drug Metabolism, IRP, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Institutes of Health, and Adjunct Professor, School of Medicine, University of Maryland. She thoroughly enjoys mentoring doctoral students in Toxicology, and to date has overseen the research of 16 distinguished new toxicologists in the […]

YFSF Special Session

The 2015 Young Forensic Scientists Forum Special Session was a great success! The theme for the session this year “YFSF 20th Anniversary: The Past, The Present, and Our Future” celebrated the last 20 years in forensic science. There were around 45 attendees who were given career and academic advice from speakers in various disciplines, including […]

FSF “I Gave An Hour” Contributors March 2015 Update

For those who receive consulting fees, please consider contributing an amount consistent with one hour (or more) of what you charge for consultation. For salaried persons, one hour represents about 1/2000th of annual income. The fund’s balance through 02/28/2015 was $80,346.35. For those of you who would like to contribute, please complete the IGAH form […]

NC Legislation

Source: Victor W. Weedn, MD, JD, AAFS President Coverdell legislation will require both re-authorization and appropriation. As has become routine, the President’s budget did not include Coverdell funding. Coverdell is, of course, an important funding tool for our community. Again, we need Congress to restore funding and we ask you to contact your representatives in […]

FSF Endowment Fund March 2015 Update

The Forensic Sciences Foundation, Inc., gratefully acknowledges the generous contributions made to the Foundation and its Endowment Fund. Please accept our apologies if your name does not appear in the “FSF Contributors” section and contact the AAFS office as soon as possible with the correction. This listing reflects contributions received from 07/01/14 through 03/01/15. The […]

A Word of Thanks From the Forensic Sciences Foundation

Thank you to all who bid on all of the wonderful items and for supporting the FSF Silent Auction Fundraiser. All auction proceeds benefit the Forensic Sciences Foundation, Inc., Endowment Fund which supports FSF Research Grant Programs. The Forensic Sciences Foundation, Inc., would like to thank and acknowledge those who generously donated their time or […]

FSF/CRC Press Student Travel Grant and Book Prize

In collaboration with the FSF, CRC Press will fund the top-scoring FSF Student Travel Grant candidate as determined through the FSF selection process outlined in the article entitled “FSF Student Travel Grants.” In addition to funding the $1,500 travel grant, CRC Press will donate an “instant library” of $1,500-worth (list price) in pre-selected books to […]

FSF Student Affiliate Scholarships: August 1 Deadline

The Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) will fund a limited number of AAFS Student Affiliate registrations for the 2016 American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) Annual Scientific Meeting through a “Scholarship Program.” To qualify for the scholarship, AAFS Student Affiliates must submit an abstract for the AAFS 2016 program through the online submission system or Call […]

FSF Henry C. Lee Scholarship: August 1 Deadline

Scholarship Eligibility Requirements: Only members or affiliates of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences who have never attended an annual meeting and who reside outside of North America are eligible for the Scholarship Award. The member or affiliate awardee must, at a minimum, have been voted into the AAFS at the preceding meeting (if not […]

FSF Jan S. Bashinski Grant: July 31 Deadline

Purpose: The Jan Grant Award is to provide Graduate Students with financial assistance to complete their thesis or independent research project as required for a graduate degree in Criminalistics/Forensic Sciences. The thesis or research project must be in the field of Criminalistics/Forensic Sciences. Jan S. Bashinski Criminalistics Graduate Thesis Assistance Grant Eligibility Requirements: The applicant […]

AAFS Topics of Interest and CE Needs Requested

What topics should be addressed at the Academy’s 68th Annual Scientific Meeting? AAFS members are asked to send suggestions for topics of interest and continuing education needs for the 2016 AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting to the Academy headquarters. All responses received will be communicated to the program committee members when they commence their review of […]

A Word From Your 2016 Program Co-Chair

The 2015 AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting was a resounding success, with 4,225 attendees from 62 countries. Despite the unseasonably chilly Orlando temperatures, the setting provided a warm, friendly environment for networking throughout the week, and many members left the hotel to enjoy the nearby dining area to continue their scientific and section discussions. As we […]

2015 FSF Emerging Forensic Scientist Award Winners Announced!

The 16th Annual FSF Emerging Forensic Scientist Award paper competition was hosted in Orlando, FL. The following presenters were selected as the 2015 winners by a panel of judges. Whitney A. Simpson, BS, was selected for her poster presentation entitled, “Highly Multiplexed Analysis of STRs and SNPs Using Massively Parallel Sequencing: Concordance With Current Methodologies” […]

Complimentary Meeting Registration Awarded

As an incentive to attend the 2015 AAFS Annual Business Meeting, all Fellows and Members in attendance were automatically entered in a random drawing to receive a complimentary meeting registration to attend the 2016 AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas, NV. Congratulations to Eric S. Sahota, BA, Member of the Criminalistics Section – this […]

2015-16 Section Program Chairs

The following are the 2015-16 Section Program Chairs and Co-Chairs: Anthropology: Gregory E. Berg, PhD (808) 448-1760 Kate Spradley, PhD (512) 245-8272 Engineering Sciences: David Pienkowski, PhD (859) 218-1667 Pathology/Biology: Joyce L. deJong, DO (269) 337-6173 Criminalistics: Vincent J. Desiderio Jr., MS (703) 406-7101 Kristy Kadash, PhD (303) 271-5653 […]

2015-16 Annual Meeting Program Chairs

AAFS President Victor Weedn announced the 2016 Annual Program Committee for the 68th Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas, NV. The Program Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs are: Program: Andrew M. Baker, MD (612) 215-6312 Julie A. Howe, MBA (314) 977-8707 Luncheon Seminars: Jeffery K. Tomberlin, PhD (979) 845-9718 Gregory G. Davis, MD […]

2015-16 Section Officers

Anthropology Chair:        Phoebe R. Stubblefield, PhD Secretary:  Angi M. Christensen, PhD Odontology Chair:        Iain A. Pretty, DDS, PhD Secretary:  Raymond G. Miller, DDS Criminalistics Chair:        John J. Lentini, BA Secretary:  Karolyn L. Tontarski, MS Pathology/Biology Chair:        Kathryn H. Haden-Pinneri, MD Secretary:  James L. Caruso, MD Digital & Multimedia Sciences Chair:        Rhesa G. Gilliland, MS […]

2015-16 AAFS Officers

Victor W. Weedn, MD, JD, assumed the office of AAFS President and is joined by the following individuals who were elected to office at the Annual Business Meeting of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, February 18, in Orlando, FL:  President-Elect:  John E. Gerns, MFS (General)  Vice President:  Zeno J. Geradts, PhD (Digital & Multimedia […]

Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations

The most recent newsletter from the Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations (CFSO) is now available.  Each year the AAFS pays dues to belong to this organization to provide insight into congressional activity in the area of forensic science reform and budgeting for grant programs that support the forensic sciences.  You can read about CFSO and […]

Thank You 2015 Financial Supporters!

The Academy would like to thank the following financial supporters for their generous contributions which led to the success of the 2015 AAFS 67th Annual Scientific Meeting: QIAGEN Inc. supported the 2015 Guidebook Mobile App AAFS Anthropology Section supported the Young Forensic Scientists Forum’s Program Cerilliant Corporation supported the Toxicology Section’s Open Forum Program AAFS […]

Continuing Education Credit Requests

The deadline for submission of Continuing Education Credit and Certificates was March 9. If you have not done so already, please submit your forms immediately via overnight mail service (fax and email are not accepted). Submissions are being processed and certificates will be mailed approximately April 15. Requests for 2015 late submissions or certificate reprints […]

Accessing the Academy News on your Mobile Device

Source: Jeffrey Lubbers, Information Technology & Website Coordinator With the Academy News transitioning to a news feed, not only will you be able to quickly and easily search archived news through the intuitive web page,, but also you can get news directly on your mobile device!! On your iOS devices we recommend using the “Newsify” […]

General March 2015 News Update

Source: Joanna Collins, Section Secretary While many of us were excited about attending the 2015 meeting in sunny and warm Orlando, FL, the record setting low temperatures in Florida, while nothing compared to the Northeast, had many of us scrambling for coats and jackets. Nevertheless, the 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting was filled with events, education, […]

FSF Student Travel Grants: October 15 Deadline

The Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) is pleased to offer Travel Grants for students to assist with travel expenses in attending the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) Annual Meeting in Las Vegas, NV. The FSF Board of Trustees has allocated $12,000, not to exceed $1,500 per student, including complimentary meeting registration. This is a wonderful […]

2015 “Friends of the General Section” (FOGS):

Al B. Agellon, BS William B. Andrews, MFS James A. Bailey, PhD Carlton-Jane P. Beck-Findley, MS Alan F. Boehm, MFS B.G. Brogdon, MD Karen T. Campbell, MD Brian S. Clark, MFS Joanna L. Collins, MFS Carrie Costello, BA Kathleen Diebold Hargrave, MA Steven L. Downs, MFS Sandra R. Enslow, BA Winnie Furnari, MS John E. […]

A Note from the YFSF Secretary

The AAFS 67th Annual Meeting has come to a close and what a memorable meeting it was! YFSF attendees heard from several speakers about professionalism, ethics, and ways to expand their careers to become well-rounded students and professionals. Thank you to all the YFSF speakers and attendees for their participation. Your support made all of […]

A Letter from the 2014-15 YFSF President

What a great week! The YFSF events at the AAFS 67th Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando, FL, were very successful. I am so proud and appreciative of all the hard work all of the YFSF committee members put in this past year planning our special session. The YFSF would also like to thank all of […]

Thomas T. Noguchi Receives the R.B.H. Gradwohl Medallion

Dr. Thomas Noguchi has served the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the forensic science community faithfully for more than 50 years. Born in Fukuoka-City, Japan in 1927, Dr. Noguchi graduated from Tokyo’s Nippon Medical School in 1951. The son of a doctor, he immigrated to the United States in 1952 where he interned at […]

NCFS Committee Report

Source: Dean M. Gialamas, MS, AAFS NCFS Committee Chair The National Commission on Forensic Science (NCFS) was established in February 2013 to make policy recommendations to the U.S. Attorney General. Although, the NCFS is in its infancy regarding issuing formal recommendations, it appears poised to do so with great frequency. Current discussions of the NCFS […]

FSF Acorn and Lucas Research Grants: June 15 Deadline

The FSF Acorn Grants (up to and including $1,000) and Lucas Grants (up to and including $5,000) are intended to help the investigator/researcher initiate original in-depth problem-oriented research. These grants are open to members and affiliates (at any level) of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Each research proposal must include: An abstract – not […]

FSF Warren-Young Scholarship Award Announced

The Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) is pleased to announce its newest award—the Warren-Young Scholarship Award. This new award was created to honor Anne Warren, Executive Director of AAFS and FSF, and in memory of her late husband, Stephen Robert Young. Intended to encourage forensic science awareness and education at the middle and high school level, […]