Daily Archives: April 8, 2015

A Word From Your 2016 Program Co-Chair

The 2015 AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting was a resounding success, with 4,225 attendees from 62 countries. Despite the unseasonably chilly Orlando temperatures, the setting provided a warm, friendly environment for networking throughout the week, and many members left the hotel to enjoy the nearby dining area to continue their scientific and section discussions. As we […]

2015 FSF Emerging Forensic Scientist Award Winners Announced!

The 16th Annual FSF Emerging Forensic Scientist Award paper competition was hosted in Orlando, FL. The following presenters were selected as the 2015 winners by a panel of judges. Whitney A. Simpson, BS, was selected for her poster presentation entitled, “Highly Multiplexed Analysis of STRs and SNPs Using Massively Parallel Sequencing: Concordance With Current Methodologies” […]

Complimentary Meeting Registration Awarded

As an incentive to attend the 2015 AAFS Annual Business Meeting, all Fellows and Members in attendance were automatically entered in a random drawing to receive a complimentary meeting registration to attend the 2016 AAFS Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas, NV. Congratulations to Eric S. Sahota, BA, Member of the Criminalistics Section – this […]

2015-16 Section Program Chairs

The following are the 2015-16 Section Program Chairs and Co-Chairs: Anthropology: Gregory E. Berg, PhD (808) 448-1760 gregory.e.berg2.civ@mail.mil Kate Spradley, PhD (512) 245-8272 mks@txstate.edu Engineering Sciences: David Pienkowski, PhD (859) 218-1667 pienkow@uky.edu Pathology/Biology: Joyce L. deJong, DO (269) 337-6173 joyce.dejong@med.wmich.edu Criminalistics: Vincent J. Desiderio Jr., MS (703) 406-7101 vfornsic@yahoo.com Kristy Kadash, PhD (303) 271-5653 kkadash@jeffco.us […]

2015-16 Annual Meeting Program Chairs

AAFS President Victor Weedn announced the 2016 Annual Program Committee for the 68th Annual Scientific Meeting in Las Vegas, NV. The Program Committee Chairs and Co-Chairs are: Program: Andrew M. Baker, MD (612) 215-6312 andrew.baker@hennepin.us Julie A. Howe, MBA (314) 977-8707 howej@slu.edu Luncheon Seminars: Jeffery K. Tomberlin, PhD (979) 845-9718 jktomberlin@tamu.edu Gregory G. Davis, MD […]