Daily Archives: October 12, 2015

Prof. Dragan Primorac Awarded The State Science Award for Outstanding Contribution to Biomedical Science

Prof. Dragan Primorac, Fellow of the AAFS Criminalistics Section, has been awarded The State Science Award for his outstanding contribution to biomedical science. The State Science Award is the highest and the most prestigious national recognition by the Parliament of The Republic of Croatia for extraordinary contribution to science and technology. Dragan Primorac is a […]

Transformation: Embracing Change – Engineering Sciences Section, November 2015

Sources:  John Nixon, MBA, Section Chair, and David Pienkowski, PhD, Section Program Chair The Engineering Sciences Section is “transforming and embracing change” as will be shown by the new organizational design and enhanced content of our scientific sessions at the AAFS Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.  Six oral presentation sessions will enrich attendees’ knowledge regarding: […]

Transformation:  Embracing Change – Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section November 2015

Objectivity, Cognitive Bias, and Multimedia Forensics Source:  Jeff M. Smith, MS Cognitive bias is the brain’s influence on the decision-making process leading to error. This fascinating field of research looks at how people react in specific situations and gives names to their deviations in judgment, perceptual distortions, and illogical interpretations. “Contrast effect,” “clustering illusion,” and […]