Daily Archives: July 17, 2020

Student and Trainee Affiliates Eligibility

Source: Cheryl Hunter, AAFS Membership Coordinator Those with the temporary status of Student Affiliate or Trainee Affiliate must certify eligibility annually. Student Affiliates—If you are enrolled in a program relevant to forensic science, you are required to submit the annual Student Affiliate Eligibility Form, completed by your academic advisor. Masters and doctorate students in the […]

CFSO Flash Brief—2020 July Issue

Source: Kenneth E. Melson, JD, AAFS CFSO Liaison The 2020 July issue of the Consortium of Forensic Science Organizations (CFSO) newsletter is now available. Click HERE for the full edition.

Associate Members and Members—Are You Eligible to Promote?

Source: Cheryl Hunter, AAFS Membership Coordinator Associate Members and Members who are eligible for a higher membership status are encouraged to submit an application for promotion. Benefits of promoting to a higher membership status include: Members and Fellows are voting members and have an opportunity to have a voice in AAFS Bylaws, policies, decision-making, etc.; […]