Daily Archives: January 19, 2022

President’s Spotlight—Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section

Source: Marcus Rogers, PhD, Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section Board Representative We have been presenting presidential spotlights from the Academy sections to highlight the latest significant research or improvements within its discipline. Examples include cutting-edge technology, standards, or methods that improve the practice. Alternatively, they may show a historical account/timeline of the discipline’s use of innovative […]

Working Through COVID-19: Recognizing Signs of Stress in Yourself and Others

Source: C. Ken Williams, MS, JD, AAFS Vice President The New Jersey Office of Employee and Organization Development (OEOD) created a series of five articles as a resource for those working through COVID-19.  The organization’s goal was to provide the informative materials as an essential role to increase awareness, encourage patience, support individuals, foster empathy, […]