Monthly Archives: May 2022

2022–23 FSF Field and Lucas Research Grants: June 15 Deadline

Source: Kimberly Wrasse, Assistant Director Purpose: The Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) Kenneth S. Field Grants (up to $1,500) and the Douglas M. Lucas Grants ($1,501–$6,000) are intended to help the investigator/researcher initiate original in-depth, problem-oriented research. These grants are open to members and affiliates (at any level) of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS). The […]

Committee Corner—Academy Standards Board (ASB) Update

Source: Julie Howe, MBA, ASB Chair Justice and equality are hallmarks of the AAFS. One of the overarching objectives stated in the AAFS Bylaws is to elevate the standards of forensic science. The ASB remains a crucial component of this effort by creating consensus-based standards that establish criteria of minimally accepted requirements to improve practice, […]

2022 International Focus on Physical Evidence and the Corpse Conference

Source: Laura Fulginiti, PhD, 2022-23 AAFS President This past week, I traveled to Foggia, Italy, at the invitation of Dr. Luigi Cipolloni, Director of the Forensic Science and Pathology Department, and Prof. Donatella Curtotti, Director of the Faculty of Law from the University of Foggia. I attended the conference “Successful Strategies for Crime Scene Investigation” […]

NIST Publishes Review of Digital Forensic Methods

Source: Rich Press, Public Affairs Specialist, NIST The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has published Digital Investigation Techniques: A NIST Scientific Foundation Review. This draft report, which will be open for public comment for 60 days, reviews the methods that digital forensic experts use to analyze evidence from computers, mobile phones, and other electronic […]

Board Box—May 3, 2022

Source: Laura C. Fulginiti, PhD, 2022-23 AAFS President The AAFS Board of Directors (BOD) held it’s first bimonthly meeting recently. The President’s update included information on our International Educational Outreach Program (IEOP) to Croatia (if you are interested, please reach out to Donna Grogan ASAP) and the ongoing planning for our 75th Anniversary. Executive Director […]

Committee Corner—Presidential Ad Hoc Committee on Committee Nominations

Source: Matthew Wood, PhD, Presidential Ad Hoc Committee on Committee Nominations Chair During his term, AAFS Past President Carl McClary formed the Ad Hoc Committee on Committee Nominations with the goal of examining and improving the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) processes for committee membership selection, specifically to increase diversity, inclusion, and outreach among […]

Academy Aperçus—May 2022

Source: Laura C. Fulginiti, PhD, 2022-23 AAFS President The Academy Aperçus is a monthly feature that celebrates 75 years of forensic science by spotlighting the history and anticipating the future of each section of the Academy. Beginning with the Jurisprudence Section and progressing through each section in the order of acknowledgement by the Academy, a […]