11th ISABS Conference a Huge Success!

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Sources: Zeno Geradts, PhD, AAFS President, and Dragan Primorac, MD, PhD, AAFS International Affairs Committee Chair

Founded by Dragan Primorac, the 11th International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS) Conference, which is an association academy of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS), had a very successful meeting in Split, Croatia, June 17–22. In partnership with the AAFS, the conference was organized by the ISABS, the Mayo Clinic, and St. Catherine Hospital. More than 600 participants from 45 countries gathered for the event.

The conference began with an opening ceremony that was broadcast on National Croatian television. Several Croatian Ministers and AAFS President Zeno Geradts presented on the importance of international collaboration in forensic science, as well as maintaining high-quality standards.

Several AAFS members, including Henry Lee, Haskell Pitluck, Robert Barsley, Carla Noziglia, Samiah Ibrahim, Martin Oliver, Guiseppe Troccoli, Virginia Lynch, Peter Ausili, and Laura Liptai, spoke during the event’s special sessions.

Dr. Primorac included AAFS attendees among the Nobel Laureates (Avram Hershko, Paul Modrich, Ada Yonath, Robert Huber) in his worldwide network family. The conference provided an opportunity for networking, presentations of innovative approaches, and much appreciation for scientific excellence. It strengthened the relationship between the AAFS and the ISABS.


ISABS Conference Founder Dragan Primorac addressing attendees during the Opening Session of the conference.

AAFS Members (from left to right): Laura Liptai, Robert Barsley, Moses Schanfield, Henry Lee, Haskell Pitluck, and Peter Ausili were honored by the Mayor, the Vice Mayor of Solin, and ISABS Conference Founder Dragan Primorac. The opportunity to establish ties with Croatia was one of many highlights of the conference.

AAFS Past President Haskell Pitluck, Distinguished Fellow Professor Henry Lee, Former ATF and NCIS representative Peter Ausili, Biomedical Engineer Laura Liptai, and AAFS Past President Robert Barsley discuss Dr. Lee’s upcoming conference near Shanghai, China, at the ISABS conference in Croatia.

Carla Noziglia, Laura Liptai, Dragan Primorac, and Zeno Geradts enjoying the ISABS Conference Gala held by the Adriatic Sea.

Peter Ausili, AAFS President Zeno Geradts, and Dragan Primorac.