2015-16 Section Officers

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Chair:        Phoebe R. Stubblefield, PhD
Secretary:  Angi M. Christensen, PhD
Chair:        Iain A. Pretty, DDS, PhD
Secretary:  Raymond G. Miller, DDS
Chair:        John J. Lentini, BA
Secretary:  Karolyn L. Tontarski, MS
Chair:        Kathryn H. Haden-Pinneri, MD
Secretary:  James L. Caruso, MD
Digital & Multimedia Sciences
Chair:        Rhesa G. Gilliland, MS
Secretary:  Marcus Rogers, PhD
Psychiatry & Behavioral Science
Chair:        Karen B. Rosenbaum, MD
Secretary:  Dean M. De Crisce, MD
Engineering Sciences
Chair:        John Nixon, MBA
Secretary:  Michelle S. Hoffman, BS
Questioned Documents
Chair:        Thomas W. Vastrick, BS
Secretary:  Linton Mohammed, PhD
Chair:        Claire E. Shepard, MS
Secretary:  Joanna L. Collins, MFS
Chair:        Sarah Kerrigan, PhD
Secretary:  Dan T. Anderson, MS
Chair:        Christine Funk, JD
Secretary:  Stephanie Domitrovich, JD, PhD