2018 Meeting Theme: “Science Matters.” Abstract Submissions Will Be Open Soon!

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Source:  Christine Funk, JD, Program Chair

April is here! It won’t be long before the Academy opens Abstract Submissions. The submission deadline is August 1, 2017. This year’s meeting theme is “Science Matters,” focusing on broadening AAFS and forensic science horizons. Under this umbrella, we are focusing on Research, Diversity, and Communication.

Research:  By emphasizing the mechanics of research, including funding, best practices, and collaboration, we can promote the integration of forensic science research into the broader scientific community. Do you have a unique funding source for research? Does a statute impact the way your lab researches new areas of forensic science?

Diversity:  We will promote diversity in all forms, including diversity of people, places, backgrounds, and ideas. Our goal is to ensure that everyone feels welcomed and empowered by the Academy. What methods have you employed to expand the diversity of forensic science practitioners?

Communication:  Forensic science is well known, but is not well understood. Instead of the public image of forensic science based on television shows or other fictionalized portrayals, we want to showcase what we actually engage in and accomplish in forensic science. Promoting our work will ensure the justice system better understands science-based evidence and the fact that science is a process of endless inquiry. The average person can attest that forensic science is very well known. The average forensic scientist can attest that forensic science is not very well understood. How do we bridge this gap?

We hope you are excited about bringing these important areas related to our professional practices to the forefront and we encourage you to present your thoughts and plans on achieving these goals. Our members are the best of the AAFS and we look to you to make our program relevant and interesting. I hope to see your proposals and want to remind you that you should submit your abstract prior to the August 1 deadline. Go to https://www.aafs.org/meetings/aafs-abstract-submission-information/ for more information regarding abstract submission.