2019 Academy Cup—Blitz in Baltimore!

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Source: Carla Miller Noziglia, MS, Academy Cup Co-Chair

The excitement and fun of the Academy Cup grows each year, and the gauntlet has been thrown by the Criminalistics Section. New questions are needed for next year’s Blitz in Baltimore!

Questions. We need questions. We need stacks and stacks of questions—serious, funny, AAFS-related, general forensic science. Please, NO section-specific questions.

Click HERE to view the guidelines for preparing your PowerPoint slides. Using this format makes it easy to create your question on one slide and your answer on another. Sample questions are also included to help understand the format to be used.

Helpful hints:

* Use entertaining graphics/photos/videos/audio in either question and/or answer.

* Visually entertaining and educational slides are the key.

* Have the question-and-answer sets peer reviewed.

* Multiple choice with 3-4 short answers maximum.

* The shorter, the better.

* Make them fun.

Send your questions and answers in the PowerPoint format by August 15 to Laura Liptai at liptai@biomedicalforensics.com.

We look forward to seeing you all at the 2019 Academy Cup scheduled for Wednesday, February 20, at 8:00 a.m. sharp, just prior to the Plenary Session.