A Word of Thanks From the Forensic Sciences Foundation

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Thank you to all who bid on all of the wonderful items and for supporting the Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) Silent Auction Fundraiser. All auction proceeds benefit the Forensic Sciences Foundation, Inc., Endowment Fund, which supports FSF Research Grant Programs.

The Forensic Sciences Foundation, Inc., would like to thank and acknowledge those who generously donated their time or items to the 2018 FSF Silent Auction:


BAC-Tracker International, Inc.

Bradley Adams

Carol Henderson

CRC Press

Diane France


Emilio Nuzzolese

Foray Technologies

France Casting

Gil Sapir

Hilton Baltimore

Hyatt Regency Baltimore


Jerry Clark and Ed Palattella

John Gerns

Jack Kenney

Kathy Reichs

Marcella Fierro

NRD, LLD Staticmaster

Stephanie Domitrovich


The Forensic Sciences Foundation, Inc., would like to thank the winning bidders for their participation in the 2018 FSF Silent Auction:

Alan Price

Alyssa Dean

Anna Wilson

Beth Friend

Betty Layne DesPortes

Carol Lee

Cheryl Nelson

Daniel Marion, Jr.

David Wold

Dennis DeLuca

Dennis Hilliard

Drake Thrasher

Elizabeth Chesna

Eric Ingle

Erin Koester

Gary Scott

Howard Cooper

Jordan Smith

Joseph Effingham

Kathryn Pinneri

Kaylene Folks

Lilly Spantidaki

Lucy Davis

Magaly Escamilla

Marla Carroll

Melissa Bernard

Patrick Eller

Patrick Bozek

Patty McFeeley

Peggy Baker

Phyllis Ho

Rich Meyers

Robert Walcott

Ryan Brokaw

Sandra Sachs

Sarah Schwing

Sheree Hughes-Stamm

Sonya Bynoe

Stewart Walker