AAFS Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center

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At the recent AAFS Annual Business Meeting in Orlando, then President Daniel Martell proudly announced the formation of a new AAFS initiative: the AAFS Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center. This new Center seeks to utilize the assets of the AAFS to promote the application of state-of-the-art forensic science to global human rights issues. The Center will provide support to AAFS members engaged in human rights forensic applications and will encourage AAFS members to increase their involvement in such matters. Past President Douglas Ubelaker (Anthropology) has agreed to Chair the Center’s advisory committee which will evaluate proposals for support. The following colleagues have extensive experience in global human rights forensic applications and have agreed to serve on the advisory committee: Eric Baccino (France), Stephen Cordner (Australia), Luis Fondebrider (Argentina), Tom Parsons (USA), Michael Pollanen (Canada), Morris Tidball-Binz (France), and Duarte Nuno Vieira (Portugal), in addition to Dr. Ubelaker. Ron Singer (Criminalistics) has agreed to chair an equipment sub-committee. In addition to project support, the Center plans to construct a database of AAFS members who indicate their desire to be involved in global human rights forensic applications. Details of this exciting new initiative will be announced soon.