AAFS IEOP 2015 – Destination Croatia – Day 3 & Day 4

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Day 3, June 17, and we are on the bus headed toward Zadar. This is a relaxing day of travel. Midway to Zadar, we stop in Similjan, the birthplace of Nikola Tesla and home to the Nikola Tesla Birthplace Museum & Memorial Center. The museum displays various models of his inventions such as the Tesla Coils, an AC induction motor, a working Egg of Columbus which was used by Tesla during the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago to demonstrate the alternating current magnetic field. The restored homestead includes a replica shed, carefully reconstructed to replace a shed that existed during Tesla’s childhood. It is reported that he jumped off the top holding an umbrella, hoping to experience flight. He only experienced gravity.

Tesla Home Tesla Coil

Day 4, June 18, and we are on vacation! Today the group is pampered while on a day-long boat excursion to the Kornati National Park. Located in the central part of the Croatian Adriatic, near where the Sibenik and Zadar islands converge, is a distinctive and special group of islands called Kornati. The Kornati National Park covers the bigger part of the Kornati waters. Because of the exceptional beauty of the landscape and the rich communities of the submarine eco-system, the islands were declared a national park in 1980. Barsley.jpg

From left to right – Gwen Barsley, Emily Barsley, Bob Barsley

Our boat brings us to one of the largest islands where we disembark and take a walk through the picturesque surroundings, then enjoy a typical Dalmatian lunch near the waters of the Adriatic Sea.

boat day.jpg