Abstract Deadlines Approaching for 2018 Impression, Pattern, and Trace Symposium

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Source:  Jeri D. Ropero-Miller, PhD, AAFS Secretary

The 2018 Impression, Pattern, and Trace Symposium will be held January 22-25, 2018, and the abstract submission deadlines are fast approaching! The call for poster and platform presentations closes October 13, 2017, and the call for workshop proposals closes October 18, 2017.

This symposium was specifically designed to bring together practitioners and researchers to enhance information-sharing and promote collaboration among the impression, pattern, and trace evidence analysts, law enforcement, and legal communities.

The National Institute of Justice and Forensic Technology Center of Excellence are committed to improving the practice of forensic science and strengthening its impact through support of research and development, rigorous technology evaluation and adoption, effective knowledge transfer and education, and comprehensive dissemination of best practices and guidelines to agencies dedicated to combating crime. The future of forensic sciences and its contribution to the public and criminal justice community is a motivating topic to gather expertise in a forum to discuss, learn, and share ideas.

For more information and/or to submit your abstract(s) or workshop proposal(s), please go to www.forensicCOE.org/workshop/18-IPTES.