Are You Considering Promoting to Member or Fellow?

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Source: Cheryl Hunter, Membership Coordinator

Associate Members and Members who are eligible for a higher membership status are encouraged to submit an application for promotion.  Benefits of promoting to a higher membership status include:

  • Members and Fellows are voting members and have an opportunity to have a voice in AAFS Bylaws, policies, decision-making, etc.;
  • Fellows are eligible to serve as Section Officers and on the Board of Directors; and
  • Fellow status is required to serve on most committees – we are always looking for fresh faces and ideas!

To review the appropriate set of requirements:

  • Go to the AAFS membership page (here).
  • Select your current section on the right-hand side of the page.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page to the “Status” section.
  • If your current membership status is Associate Member, click “Member.” If your current membership status is “Member,” click “Fellow.”
  • Scroll down the page to view the “Section Promotion Requirements.”

If you are not sure if you meet the requirements, please contact Membership Coordinator Cheryl Hunter at If you fulfill your section’s requirements for promotion, you may apply online by logging into your AAFS account portal.

To be considered for promotion at the 2022 AAFS Annual Scientific Conference in Seattle, WA, application must be completed no later than October 1, 2021. Please feel free to contact Membership Coordinator Cheryl Hunter at if you have any questions about the requirements or the application process.