Diversity Matters

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Source: Nikolas P. Lemos, PhD, Diversity Outreach Chair

The popularity of the AAFS Diversity Outreach Committee is ever-increasing with dozens of eager members expressing their interest in contributing and serving.

Appointments to this important Committee are for one year and although space on the Committee is limited, every member of the Academy is welcome to attend our Committee meetings, receptions, and other activities.

The following AAFS members will serve on the 2019–20 AAFS Diversity Outreach Committee:

Andrew M. Baker—Pathology/Biology

Maria Susana Ciruzzi—Jurisprudence

Guan Yong—Digital & Multimedia Sciences

Mitchell M. Holland—Criminalistics

Nikolas P. Lemos—Toxicology (Chair)

Jane A. Lewis—Questioned Documents

Jerry Minsky—Odontology

Carla Rodgers—Psychiatry & Behavioral Science

Sean D. Tallman—Anthropology

Rachel Hamilton Walton—General

The Committee welcomes input from every member of the Academy. Please feel free to contribute to our development and growth by sharing your ideas, thoughts, and suggestions with our Committee Members and Chair.