FEPAC Call for Comments on Proposed Forensic Science Standards Updates

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Source: Nancy J. Jackson, AAFS Accreditation & Outreach Coordinator

Pursuant to the Forensic Science Education Programs Accreditation Commission (FEPAC) Policies & Procedures, Policy 4.11 Review of Standards, FEPAC is tasked to conduct ongoing and comprehensive reviews of its accreditation standards to verify they adequately evaluate educational quality and are relevant to the education needs of students seeking a career in forensic science.

Every five (5) years, the Commission will conduct longer-term reviews of the Standards, the primary purpose of which is to determine if the current Standards, when viewed as a whole and individually, are adequate to evaluate the quality of forensic science education programs and relevant to the education and training needs of students.

Over the past year, FEPAC has conducted its five-year, in-depth review of the forensic science standards. As a result of the review, the Commission has proposed updates to the current forensic sciences standards.  You may access the proposed changes HERE. The document provides all changes in red and the rationale for each.

Please direct your comments prior to November 1 to Nancy J. Jackson, Accreditation & Outreach Coordinator, at njackson@aafs.org.

Thank you.