IEOP Travel to Cuba – Spring 2018

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Source:  Betty Layne DesPortes, JD, MS, AAFS President

On Friday, June 16, 2017, the Trump administration announced plans to alter the regulations controlling travel to Cuba that were put in place by the Obama administration.  From initial reports, the new regulations are not expected to significantly impact the AAFS International Educational Outreach Program (IEOP) to Cuba in the spring of 2018. Group travel for professional and educational purposes through organized travel organizations will still be permitted under the new regulations.  Direct commercial (non-charter) flights from the United States will also not be impacted by the new regulations.

Cuba Educational Travel, the travel agency working with AAFS for the IEOP to Cuba, advises that there will be no major effects on our program although the new regulations may render certain military-linked hotels and restaurants off-limits to United States residents. The United States Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control will provide a list of prohibited hotels and other businesses in the coming months. All U.S. residents will need to keep detailed records and receipts from the trip to Cuba to prove compliance with the travel restrictions.

AAFS leadership will review the new regulations when they are finalized in the coming months to ensure the Cuba IEOP trip complies with the new regulations.