Introducing Academy Connect

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Source: Content Digitization ad hoc Committee

As we approach our abstract submission deadline, please note the Academy will be launching a new program called Academy Connect that will provide a way for a small number of workshops to be recorded for later access online via video on demand. These recordings will most likely be a capture of just the PowerPoint® presentation(s) with an audio overlay, but could be a complete video recording of a workshop, depending on the type. For a fee, members and non-members will be able to access certain workshops online after the meeting.

If you are planning to submit a workshop proposal by the August 1 deadline, you will be asked to consider participating in the program by signing a Recording and Publication Authorization Agreement. Declining to sign this agreement in no way affects the consideration of your proposal for the AAFS program. Indicating your willingness to agree does not necessarily mean that your workshop will be recorded, but rather that it will be among those considered for Academy Connect. Co-authors and co-presenters should automatically receive links to the authorization and all must sign before the workshop is accepted for the program. If you agree to participate, you will notice that you retain ownership of your material and are free to subsequently license or present that material elsewhere if you so desire. The recordings will be available for viewing only—not for download.

We sincerely hope that you will consider participating in this program and helping us maximize the availability of the valuable information that you have to offer!