Judge Roderick Kennedy Retiring in November 2016

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Source: Pamela A.W. King, JD, Section Secretary

Judge Roderick Kennedy will retire from the New Mexico Court of Appeals at the end of November 2016, being the judge with the second-most years of judicial service in the State. Judge Kennedy has sat as a judge at every level of the New Mexico judiciary, from magistrate through the Supreme Court, and has also been a part-time tribal judge for the Jicarilla Apache Nation. He taught forensic evidence at the University of New Mexico School of Law and contemplates working as a consultant and occasional translator between lawyers and forensic scientists. He is honored to occasionally advise members of tribal governments on policy and interagency relations. He also intends to reacquaint himself with various Rocky Mountain trout populations, and his sailboat, Cazart! Please get in touch if you need a top-notch New Mexico tour guide.