Looking Ahead to the 2017 Pathology/Biology Session

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Source:  David O. Carter, PhD, Section Program Chair

They call it “D Day.”  Delivery Day, September 1, 2016, is the date that all presentations and moderators must be scheduled for the 2017 annual meeting. This year, we launched a new strategy for success on D Day:  using a Program Committee of five Members/Fellows.  Owen Middleton, Chris Milroy, Michele Stauffenberg, Sherah Van Laerhoven, and I undertook the task of abstract review and scheduling.  These four members make an excellent team and their dedication to abstract review has allowed the programming process to run very smoothly.  Please thank them for their hard work when you see them.

Although the 69th Annual Scientific Meeting is still five months away, an immense amount of activity has led us to this point.  The Pathology/Biology Section received 205 abstracts for review:  93 orals, 108 posters, 3 workshops, and 1 breakfast.  These submissions have allowed us to construct a very exciting program.  In addition to Jay Dix Memorial Bonus Day and our standard scientific sessions, Pathology/Biology will again hold a multidisciplinary session with the Toxicology Section.  Also, a multidisciplinary session with the Anthropology and General Sections will be held for presentations related to postmortem changes and taphonomy.  To the best of our knowledge, this is a new partnership that could receive significant interest.

On behalf of the Program Committee, we look forward to seeing you in New Orleans.