Pathologists Needed in Puerto Rico

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Source: Joyce DeJong, DO, Pathology/Biology Section Fellow

Officials from Health and Human Services (HHS) are in Puerto Rico working to support and bolster resources for the Medical Examiner in Puerto Rico at the Forensic Science Institute. They have a significant and urgent need for pathologists to assist with a backlog.They will contract with individuals who are willing and able to work for awhile. Ideally, the pathologists would stay for at least 30 days and perhaps longer, but they are willing to consider individuals who can give at least two full weeks of work. If you have any interest in this opportunity, please send an email with your contact information to and he can provide additional details. You do not need to speak Spanish to help.

I was with this office shortly after the hurricane and the people are absolutely wonderful to work with. If you have some time to work with this office, you would likely find providing this assistance a very rewarding experience.