Prof. Dragan Primorac Awarded The State Science Award for Outstanding Contribution to Biomedical Science

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Prof. Dragan Primorac, Fellow of the AAFS Criminalistics Section, has been awarded The State Science Award for his outstanding contribution to biomedical science.
The State Science Award is the highest and the most prestigious national recognition by the Parliament of The Republic of Croatia for extraordinary contribution to science and technology.
Dragan Primorac is a pediatric medical doctor, forensic expert, geneticist, and university professor. In addition, Dr. Primorac has been qualified in courts of law as an expert in forensic DNA analysis. He is one of the founders of forensic DNA analysis in Croatia and the surrounding region. Additionally, he was one of a few scientists in the word who applied DNA analysis with the goal of identifying mass graves victims. Currently, Dr. Primorac serves as a Professor at the University of Split, School of Medicine, and University of Osijek, School of Medicine, as well as Adjunct Professor at Penn State University. For more information on Dr. Primorac’s accomplishments, visit
The Award Ceremony will take place on October 15 at the Parliament of the Republic of Croatia where The State Science Award will be presented by the President of the Parliament, Mr. Josip Leko, as well as by the Minister of Science, Education and Sports of The Republic of Croatia, Prof. Vedran Mornar.
Congratulations, Dr. Primorac!