Spam/Phishing Emails Alert

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Source: Daniel Snapp, AAFS IT Administrator

Recently, we have seen an increase in spam/phishing emails that look like they are from either AAFS Executive Director Donna Grogan or AAFS President Jeri Ropero-Miller. In these cases, the actual email address that these emails originate from will not be nor from Jeri’s email address. Please make sure you are verifying the email address when you are sent an email as it is common for scammers to change the email header and make it look like it is from Donna, Jeri, or others associated with the Academy, but they cannot change the actual email address, only the Name that is displayed. One of the recent spam/phishing emails that was received said it was from Donna Grogan, but it was sent from a Russian email server.

If you are ever asked to do something that seems out of the ordinary, please start a new email to the person making the request, type in their email address manually, and don’t simply press reply. This is a small safety measure to make sure we as a company are not falling for any spam/phishing scams.

If you do receive a spam/phishing email, please mark the email address as a spam account and delete the original email.

Thank you for being diligent in watching for email spammers/phishers.