Spotlight on the Regional Associations—July 2020

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Sources: Vincent P. Villena, MS, RAC Chair and Desiree Reid, SAFS Representative to the RAC

The 4th organization we are featuring in this month’s Regional Association Committee update is presented by its past president, Desiree Reid, of the Southern Association of Forensic Scientists (SAFS).

On September 9, 1966, forensic scientists from the southern region of the United States met in Atlanta, GA, and adopted the first constitution of the organization known as the Southern Association of Forensic Scientists. This was not the first meeting of this group, which had met previously in Baton Rouge, LA, and Auburn, AL. There were 47 original or charter members. As of this writing, there are 350 SAFS members.

SAFS is the oldest of the regional forensic scientist associations with the exception of the California Association of Criminalists.

SAFS is an organization of practicing forensic scientists. To gain voting membership in SAFS, it is essential that a prospective member have given expert testimony in some court of the criminal justice system or have advanced the cause of forensic science in some significant manner.

The SAFS meets annually in the spring at various locations in the southern region of the United States. SAFS meeting locations are selected about two years in advance. Unfortunately, the planned joint meeting with MAFS and SWAFS was canceled for September 2020. We are proceeding with a 2021 meeting in Gulf Shores, AL, scheduled for April 26-30. We are surveying interest in hosting a site in Atlanta for both Forensic DNA and Biological Evidence Screeners Field Tests sometime in late October or early November 2020.