Student and Trainee Affiliate Eligibility for 2018

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Source:  Cheryl Hunter, AAFS Membership Coordinator

As mentioned in the AAFS Basic Requirements for Student and Trainee Affiliate, each Student and Trainee Affiliate must certify eligibility annually. Student and Trainee Affiliate are temporary statuses and may only be held until you have completed the experience required for Associate Member.

Please review the section requirements for Trainee Affiliate and Associate Member HERE. If you meet the experience requirements as outlined by your section, you are required to submit an application for upgrade to Trainee Affiliate or Associate Member by October 1, 2017. You may either submit your application online at (please contact Cheryl Hunter at if you do not have your login information), or you may download the application and mail it. If you do not meet the experience requirements, you are required to submit the Annual Student or Trainee Affiliate Eligibility Form by September 25, 2017.

To renew your eligibility for Student or Trainee Affiliate status, you must log in through the AAFS portal on the website. Click on the AAFS Eligibility Status button and choose one of the three options.

Failure to complete one of the aforementioned options will result in the termination of your Student or Trainee Affiliate status on December 31, 2017.  Please contact Cheryl Hunter at if you have questions or if you wish to cancel your affiliation.