The Dr. Henry C. Lee Museum of Forensic Investigation

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Source: Robert E. Barsley, DDS, JD, AAFS Past President

AAFS Criminalistics Section Fellow Henry Lee was honored with the unveiling of the Dr. Henry C. Lee Museum of Forensic Investigation in his birthplace of Rugao, China, on November 5.  The museum showcases ten major cases Dr. Lee has worked on and also presents a history of forensic science. Additional features are a case analysis room, a scene reconstruction room, and other criminal investigation training areas. Congratulations, Dr. Lee!


(l to r): Ira Titunik, Gus Karazulas, Michael Rieders, Haskell Pitluck, Robert Barsley, Cyril Wecht, and Sharon Plotkin were among the attendees at the museum opening.