The Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center (HHRRC) Seeks Your Support

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Source: Sabra Botch-Jones, MS, MA, HHRRC Laboratory and Analysis Protocols Chair

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences Humanitarian and Human Rights Resource Center (AAFS HHRRC) has seen incredible growth in support since its inauguration at the 2015 AAFS Annual Meeting in Orlando, FL.

The Center seeks to utilize the assets of the AAFS to promote the application of contemporary forensic science and forensic medicine principles to global humanitarian and/or human rights projects requiring special assistance. The Center does this by providing support to AAFS members engaged in human rights and/or humanitarian forensic applications and encourages AAFS members to increase their involvement in such matters. The benefits of engaging in such work go beyond the human rights and/or humanitarian efforts as AAFS members are likely to develop their own personal and professional skills in undertaking this work.

The AAFS membership has a reputation for providing critical and defining forensic assistance to global humanitarian and human rights efforts. The Center hopes to provide members assistance by acting as a centralized resource for this forensic work. The Center has many resources available, including funding, a list of AAFS members who have volunteered assistance and expertise, and an online page of centralized academic work, courses, and other resources located here.

Over the past three years, the Center has provided funding for a wide range of humanitarian and human rights forensic projects and research. Details on funded research can be found here. Projects are supported by the HHRRC with funds from AAFS and the National Institute of Justice through their Forensic Technology Center of Excellence Program, RTI International. We also encourage members working on such forensic work to submit proposals to the Center for funding consideration. Details of proposal submission can be found here.

The Center is grateful for the immense support shown by the Academy and its membership. If you would like to support the mission of the Center, please go here.