Working Through COVID-19: Dealing With Work-Related Issues

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Source: C. Ken Williams, MS, JD, AAFS Vice President

The New Jersey Office of Employee and Organization Development (OEOD) created a series of five articles as a resource for those working through COVID-19. The organization’s goal was to provide the informative materials as an essential role to increase awareness, encourage patience, support individuals, foster empathy, sustain coping, and promote working well together through COVID-19 to ensure that a better, stronger organization is built. Although the AAFS is not an employee development organization, we are an organization that deeply cares for the well-being of our members and recognize we too can build a better, stronger organization with a vested and healthy membership. As such, we thought our membership could benefit from the sharing of this educational resource. This is the third in the series of five articles we will be posting.

COVID-19 has had a strong impact on the work of all of us. Employees have worked tirelessly for almost two years under diverse conditions, while also balancing family, homeschool, health, and personal issues in their lives. Anxiety in the workplace is near-universal right now. Employees might have angst or trepidation about being in the workplace while facing new realities of working during the pandemic and trying to cope with the changes as they develop. Please click here to read “Dealing With Work-Related Issues,” which is distributed and posted courtesy of the New Jersey OEOD.

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