ASB News – July 2016

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Source: Brad Wing, MS

The American Academy of Forensic Sciences Standards Board (ASB) has notified candidates of their selection for four Consensus Bodies: Disaster Victim Identification, DNA, Friction Ridge, and Wildlife Forensics.

Approximately every two weeks, the ASB will announce selections for more Consensus Bodies. The next group will include: Anthropology, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Firearms and Toolmarks, Footwear and Tire Tracks, and Forensic Document Examination. Following that group, the ASB will announce Medicolegal Death Investigation, Patterned Injury, and Toxicology. The last group will be Dogs & Sensors.

The ASB has applicants for the Odontology Consensus Body, which will be formed if any New Work Proposals are received from the Odontology Subcommittee — excepting Bitemarks, which is included in the Patterned Injury Consensus Body.

The ASB encourages the corresponding Subcommittees in the OSAC structure to nominate a liaison to relevant ASB Consensus Bodies. The liaison need not be a voting member of the Consensus Body. The liaison will provide information from the Subcommittee to the Consensus Body and vice versa. There will be a formal place on the agenda of each Consensus Body meeting for liaisons to make their reports. Liaison status is also extended to professional organizations, such as the Society of Forensic Toxicologists, American Board of Forensic Odontology, International Association for Identification, and others.

The ASB has already received documents for submission to the standards process from some Consensus Bodies and looks forward to receiving many more. The ASB wishes to reiterate that all of the Consensus Body meetings are open and encourages Subcommittee members to participate. The only restriction is the number of lines available on the web-conferencing system. All meetings after the first organizational meeting will be posted on the ASB website,; if a person wishes to participate in a meeting, please notify Brad Wing (