ASB Publishes Second Edition Technical Report

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Source:  Mary C. McKiel, PhD, Communications Liaison

Less than two weeks after posting its first Technical Report, ASB Technical Report 033, First Edition, 2017, Terms and Definitions in Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, the American Academy of Forensic Sciences Standards Board (ASB) has just released a second Technical Report — ASB Technical Report 025:  First Edition, 2017, Crime Scene/Death Investigation – Dogs and Sensors Terms and Definitions, which is available to view HERE.

This report provides the standardization of terms and definitions used in the detection dog community. The use of standardized terminology in the detection dog community promotes consistency across jurisdictions and relieves the judicial system of conflicting terms and definitions. Some terms as defined in this document may be used with different meanings in other disciplines.

This technical document is based on a Scientific Working Group on Dog Orthogonal Detector Guidelines (SWGDOG) document that was submitted to ASB by Consensus Body member Suzy Perry. The New Work Proposal, which signals the beginning of ASB’s work on a document, was approved by the ASB Board of Directors in February. Public comment on the ASB Technical Report product closed in October and all comments were resolved by the end of November.

ASB consensus bodies in DNA, toxicology, and other disciplines are preparing standards, technical reports, and best practices in a wide range of areas. Each document goes through a public comment period. Members of AAFS and the public have the opportunity to submit comments to proposed documents as the public comment period for documents are announced. All public comment periods are posted on the AAFS website in the Academy Standards Board Portal.