International Forensics Standards

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Source: Mary C. McKiel, PhD, ASB Communications Liaison, and Julie A. Howe, MBA, ASB Board Member

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) announced the publication of the following two new international forensic science standards:

  1. ISO 21043-1:2018 Forensic sciences—Part 1: Terms and definitions;
  2. ISO 21043-2:2018 Forensic sciences—Part 2: Recognition, recording, collecting, transport and storage of items;

Please note that the associated URLs enable access to only the informative sections of the standards. The complete standards, and all ISO standards, can be purchased through the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the official United States national member body to the ISO. By agreement with the ISO, the ANSI is authorized to sell the ISO standards in the United States. See the ANSI online store at:

Standards projects currently under development in this ISO Technical Committee include work on forensic standards for products, reporting, and analysis and interpretation. As draft ISO forensic standards for public comment become available, information on how to provide input will be posted on the ASB website as well as on the AAFS Newsfeed. We hope you take the time to read the documents and provide valuable input.

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