The 2022 International Association for Chemical Testing (IACT) Conference

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Source: Jennifer F. Limoges, MS, ASB Vice Chair

The International Association for Chemical Testing (IACT) Conference will be held April 10-15, 2022, in Tucson, AZ. The standards-related activities are highlighted below.


Expert Testimony Training: 300 Level (Randall Beatty and Jennie Duffy)
This workshop will take an in-depth look at presenting scientific evidence. Participants will learn that with a knowledge of trial strategies, the way you phrase your answer can be as effective as the scientific evidence itself. The American National Standards Institute/Academy Standards Board (ANSI/ASB) Best Practice Recommendation 037 will be discussed.

Guidelines for Performing Alcohol Calculations (Jennifer Limoges)
Recommended minimum practices will be presented that are intended to improve the consistency of this work. Additional best practices to improve the quality and reduce potential bias in this type of work will also be presented.  (ASB BPR 122/OSAC 2020-S-0003)

ASB Document Implementation (Becky Wagner and James Hutchings)
This workshop will assist toxicology laboratories and breath alcohol programs with ANSI/ASB and the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) Registry standards conformance by providing ways to implement the necessary changes through method development, validation, quality system development, and reporting.


Standards Activities in Forensic Toxicology—Jennifer Limoges will provide a 60-minute platform presentation to update attendees on standards activities. Topics include ASB-published American National Standards, ASB toxicology standards on the OSAC Registry, and documents in the draft stage at both ASB and OSAC.  Tools and resources being developed through the American Academy of Forensic Sciences-National Institute of Standards and Technology (AAFS-NIST) Cooperative Agreement will also be discussed.

I’m just a bill (isn’t that more catchy than I’m just a draft OSAC/ASB/Toxicology Consensus Body Standard)—the ASB Toxicology Consensus Body working group for ASB Standard 055 Breath Alcohol Measuring Instrument Calibration will be presenting a half day detailed overview of the draft standard to educate the stakeholder community and assist programs with moving toward standards conformance.

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