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Pathology/Biology Section News – November 2015

  Source:  Jim L. Caruso, MD, Section Secretary The 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting Program Chairs have been busy putting together what promises to be an educational and informative week for us in Las Vegas and our own Joyce deJong is no exception. Dr. deJong has finished her initial review of the abstracts, and attendees will be […]

A Word From Your 2016 Program Co-Chair – November 2015

  Source:  Julie A. Howe, MBA, 2016 Annual Meeting Program Co-Chair President Weedn’s theme of Transformation:  Embracing Change could not be more fitting as the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) for forensic science efforts progress and the AAFS is making huge strides to become an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited Standards Development Organization (SDO), […]

Correction – Bylaws American Academy Of Forensic Sciences

CORRECTION BYLAWS AMERICAN ACADEMY OF FORENSIC SCIENCES The online and printed 2015 Directory of Members and Affiliates versions of the Bylaws – American Academy of Forensic Sciences included incorrect updates to Article II. CODE OF ETHICS AND CONDUCT: SECTION 5 – RULES AND PROCEDURES, l. and SECTION 8 – ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIONS FOR LESSER OFFENSES.  These […]

Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section News – September 2015

Source:  Marcus K. Rogers, PhD, Section Secretary As is usual for the fall newsletter, the focus is on membership. Our section is continuing to grow with our total number (latest stats available) now at 138. This is exceptional given our humble beginnings! The specifics of our membership are as follows: Fellows  24 Members  22 Associate […]

AAFS Membership “How To” Session

A new session has been added to this year’s events. AAFS Membership Coordinator Cheryl Hunter will conduct an hour-long AAFS Membership Application “How To” Session on Wednesday, February 18, from 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m. The presentation will include everything from how to become a member to applying for retired status. If you have any questions on […]

Promotion to Full Member or Fellow

Need one more meeting attendance to fulfill the requirements for promotion? How about attending a section business meeting? Here is your opportunity to complete that last requirement to promote to either full Member or Fellow. Register and attend the 2015 Annual Scientific Meeting in Orlando. If you have any questions about what is required for […]

YFSF Special Session January 2015 News Update

The theme for this year’s YFSF Special Session is celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Young Forensic Scientists Forum. The YFSF Special Session Chair Christina Hayes, and her Co-Chair Jessica Smith have planned a day-long event entitled “YFSF 20th Anniversary: The Past, the Present, and Our Future,” which includes presentations from numerous speakers from a […]

AAFS Dues Update

Please remit all payments to the AAFS Headquarters address listed below. No other address should be used for remitting AAFS correspondence or payments. AAFS 410 North 21st Street Colorado Springs, CO 80904 USA

Staff Updates

AAFS Staff would like to welcome Samantha Marriott as the Membership Assistant. Samantha was born and raised in San Diego, CA, and decided to make Colorado her home in February 2014. Also, please welcome Samantha Roach, AAFS Administrative Assistant & Volunteer Coordinator. We are so excited to have both Samanthas on board.

General November 2014 News Update

Source: Claire E. Shepard, MS, Section Secretary If you have not already done so, take the time to read the General Section’s meeting theme article “Successful Collaborations in Forensic Science” found in this newsletter. Steve Clark provides a great illustration of how the General Section not only accomplishes the theme of the forensic family but […]