FEPAC Revises Undergraduate Digital Evidence Standards for Public Comment

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Over the course of the last two years, FEPAC and a subcommittee comprised of educators and practitioner experts in the field conducted an in depth review of the FEPAC standards as they relate to Digital & Multimedia Forensic Science. The review was initiated as a result of concerns expressed by the computer science community that the FEPAC standards did not adequately define the educational needs of students in this growing field.

At its recent meeting, FEAPC reviewed the proposed standards presented by the sub-committee and provide them to you for comment at this time.

As per current FEPAC Policies & Procedures 4.10, the Commission must give constituents an opportunity to comment on any changes prior to adopting those changes; therefore, you are invited to comment on the changes presented by the Commission. A side by side comparison of the digital standards can be viewed on the FEPAC web site http://fepac-edu.org under News & Noteworthy and titled “Revised FEPAC Undergraduate Digital Evidence Standards for Public Comment.”

Please direct your comments to Nancy J. Jackson, FEPAC Director of Accreditation njackson@aafs.org.