18th Annual FSF Emerging Forensic Scientist Award (EFSA) Competition

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in the articles contained in the Academy News are those of the identified authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Academy.

PURPOSE: To nurture a productive dialogue between emerging judicial and forensic standards of reliability and validity, the Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) is pleased to offer the 18th Annual Emerging Forensic Scientist Award. The award will be presented to the author of the best paper on any topic focusing on the reliability and validity of techniques, processes, or methods in a forensic area of the author’s choice.

HOW TO ENTER: Entrants should submit an abstract of the proposed paper to the AAFS Program Committee by August 1, in compliance with AAFS abstract criteria, and indicate that the abstract is submitted for the Emerging Forensic Scientist Award. Initial review and acceptance/rejection of the abstract will be conducted by the AAFS Program Committee, which will focus specifically on the abstract’s treatment of reliability and validity issues. Multiple abstracts may be submitted for the Program Committee’s review; however, once the Program Committee approves abstracts for presentation, one abstract must be designated by the presenter as an EFSA entry. If multiple abstracts are submitted for review and one abstract is not designated by the presenter as an EFSA entry, none of the abstracts will be considered by the EFSA Review Committee.

SELECTION PROCESS: Abstracts accepted by the AAFS Program Committee and the EFSA Program Committee will be scheduled for presentation during the scientific session of the section that accepted the abstract and evaluated by representatives of the Multidisciplinary Awards Committee appointed by the FSF Board of Trustees. Announcement of the winning entry will be made through the Academy News Feed following determination of the winner by the Awards Committee. The Award will be presented during the 2018 AAFS Annual Business Meeting in Seattle, WA.

CRITERIA TO ENTER: An eligible entrant need not be an AAFS member. However, entrants who are AAFS members must be a Student Affiliate or Trainee Affiliate. All entrants must be within three years of completion of formal training (entrants must submit proof from their laboratory director or university professor) at the time the paper is presented in 2017. Only the presenter is eligible for the award; no substitutions will be accepted after the application is submitted. The decision of the Awards Committee is final and the amount of the award is firm. The form (18th EFSA Form) must be completed and sent with the abstract submission to the AAFS office by August 1.

THE AWARD: The award will cover the expense of the recipient’s attendance at the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting in Seattle, WA, including registration, up to $1,000 for airfare, lodging while in attendance at the annual meeting not to exceed five nights, and up to $75 per diem. A commemorative plaque will also be presented to the award winner at the 2018 AAFS Annual Business Meeting in Seattle.