Forensic Sciences Foundation 2021-22 Student Affiliate Scholarship Winners

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The Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) is proud to announce the winners of the “FSF Student Affiliate Scholarship.” The Student Affiliate Scholarship program is designed to assist students with the AAFS Annual Meeting registration.

Zachary Andrews, General; Keith Biddle, MA, Anthropology; Helen Brandr-Litavec, MS, Anthropology; Stephanie Cole, MS, Anthropology; Ema Graham, MS, Criminalistics; Evin Hessel, BS, Anthropology; Kaitlin Huffman, MS, Criminalistics; Ruby Liliedahl, BS, Toxicology; Molly Miranker, MA, Anthropology; Mariah Moe, MA, Anthropology; Amy Osborne, BS, Criminalistics; Grace Rutledge, BS, Criminalistics; Carolynn Sauter, Anthropology; Jared Sharp, BS, Toxicology; Micayla Spiros, MS, Anthropology; Stephanie VanLysebettens, BA, Criminalistics; Taylor Walkup, BA, Anthropology; and Ryen Weaver, MS, Anthropology.

The 2021-22 FSF Student Scholarship Committee was comprised of Andrew Seidel, Chair (Anthropology), Lucy Davis (Criminalistics), Laura Fulginiti (Anthropology), Jeri Ropero-Miller, Trustee (Toxicology), and Gina Londino-Smolar, Member (General).