Forensic Sciences Foundation Announces the 2019-20 Lucas Grant Recipients

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Each year the Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) awards monies in the form of grants to members of the forensic science communities to help the investigator/researcher initiate original in-depth, problem-oriented research throughout the year. These grants are open to members and affiliates (at any level) of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences. Six FSF Lucas Grants have been awarded for 2019-20, and we are pleased to announce the following recipients:

Meghan G. Appley, MS—$6,000 for Detection and Forensic Identification of Illegally Traded Endangered Species of Wood Using Mass Spectral Techniques.

Claire M. Cartozzo, MS—$3,223 for Comparison of Nuclear, Mitochondrial, and Bacterial DNA Quantity and Quality Recovered From Waterlogged Skeletal Remains.

Sierra Kaszubinski, BS—$5,300 for Microbial Community Succession of Submerged Bones in an Aquatic Habitat.

Natalie R. Langley, PhD—$6,000 for Determining Fracture Timing From Histological Characteristics of Cortical Bone.

Katherine Ramsland, PhD—$3,117 for Comparing Virtual Tools for Investigator Training.

Daniel J. Wescott, PhD—$5,964 for Detection of Clandestine Surface and Buried Remains in Central Texas Using Unmanned Aerial Systems Equipped With Infrared and Near-Infrared Sensors: Relationship Between Ground Truth and Sensor Data.

Meghan G. Appley, MS

Claire M. Cartozzo, MS

Sierra Kaszubinski, BS

Natalie R. Langley, PhD

Katherine Ramsland, PhD

Daniel J. Wescott, PhD

Congratulations to all the recipients!