FSF Announces the 2016-17 Acorn and Lucas Research Grant Award Recipients!

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Each year the Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) awards monies in the form of grants to members of the forensic science communities for research conducted throughout the year.  The FSF has awarded two 2016-17 FSF Acorn Research Grants and four 2016-17 FSF Lucas Research Grants and is pleased to announce the recipients of the research grants for this year. Congratulations!

The 2016-17 FSF Acorn Research Grant recipients are:

  • Chaunesey Clemmons, BA, $528, Ancestry Estimation of Biracial Individuals Using Dental Morphological Traits
  • Michelle R. Sanford, PhD, $471, Indoor Forensic Entomology:  Does the Nearest Weather Station Accurately Represent the Scene?
 Chaunesey Clemmons, BA  Michelle R. Sanford, PhD
Chaunesey Clemmons, BA Michelle R. Sanford, PhD


The 2016-17 FSF Lucas Research Grant recipients are:

  • Madonna A. Nobel, BS, $4,874, Understanding the Expert Decision Making Process in Forensic Footwear Examinations:  Accuracy, Decision Rules, Predictive Value and the Conditional Probability of an Outcome
  • Douglas C. Ryan, MS, $4,700, Cell-Based Confirmatory Testing
  • Tal Simmons, PhD, $5,000, Predicting the Postmortem Submersion Interval From the Microbiome of Waterlogged Bone
  • Liguo Song, PhD, $5,000, Nitrogen Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry for Forensic Analysis of Illicit Drugs at the Crime Scene
Madonna A. Nobel, BS Douglas C. Ryan, MS Tal Simmons, PhD Liguo Song, PhD