FSF Announces the 2017-18 Acorn and Lucas Research Grant Award Recipients!

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Each year, the Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) awards monies in the form of grants to members of the forensic science communities for research conducted throughout the year. One 2017-18 FSF Acorn Research Grant and five 2017-18 FSF Lucas Research Grants have been awarded.

The 2017-18 FSF Acorn Research Grant recipient is:

  • Hannah A. Kastenbaum, MD, $1,000, Validation of a Urine Drug Screen Assay in the Postmortem Setting

Hannah A. Kastenbaum, MD

The 2017-18 FSF Lucas Research Grant recipients are:

  • Candice Bridge, PhD, $4,800, A Novel Approach to Automotive Paint Analysis Using Direct Analysis in Real Time Mass Spectrometry
  • Marianne Hamel, MD, PhD, $4,800, Use of Over-the-Counter Urine Pregnancy Tests to Detect Early Gestation in Female Homicide Victims
  • LeAnn M. Harrel, BS, $4,800, A Faster, Easier, and More Effective Bone Processing Method for DNA Analysis
  • Ashley Morgan, MS, $4,800, Optimization of DNA Recovery From Latent Fingerprints on Paper
  • Kaitlyn B. Palmquist, BS, $4,800, Method Development and Validation for the Screening of Fentanyl and Eight Analogs in Whole Blood Using LC/qTOF Analysis

Candace Bridge, PhD

Marianne Hamel, MD, PhD

LeAnn M. Harrel, BS

Ashley Morgan, MS

Kaitlyn B. Palmquist, BS