FSF/CRC Press Student Travel Grant and Book Prize: October 15 Deadline

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The Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF) is pleased to offer Student Travel Grants to assist with travel expenses in attending the 2018 American Academy of Forensic Sciences (AAFS) Annual Scientific Meeting in Seattle, WA. The FSF Board of Trustees has allocated $12,000, not to exceed $1,500 per student, including complimentary meeting registration. This is a wonderful opportunity, and members are encouraged to promote it.

Travel Grant Eligibility Requirements:
1. Prior Student Travel Grant award recipients are not eligible to reapply.
2. The applicant must be an AAFS member/affiliate or an AAFS Applicant for membership. Applications for membership must be received and completed by the October 1 deadline.
3. The applicant must have submitted an abstract by the August 1 deadline, either as a presenter or co-author for the Annual Scientific Meeting he/she will be attending.
4. The applicant must be a fourth-year undergraduate or a graduate student at an accredited four-year college, university, or professional school whose accreditation is acceptable to the FSF Board of Trustees. Those who   have completed their terminal degree and are now pursuing internship, residency, or fellowship positions are considered to be in the training phase, and therefore are not eligible.
5. The applicant must submit a letter of recommendation from his/her advisor or professor. This recommendation is separate from any membership application requirements.
6. The applicant must submit a 400-600 word essay explaining how attendance at an AAFS meeting will impact his/her career decision.
7. The applicant must submit a curriculum vitae, highlighting their involvement in forensic science and their current grade point average.

All submissions must be received and completed by October 15. The deadline is firm, with no extension. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. Please submit the aforementioned Travel Grant Requirements electronically to Kimberly Wrasse at kwrasse@aafs.org, or by mail to:  Kimberly Wrasse, FSF, 410 North 21st Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. The FSF will confirm receipt of all submissions within two business days. If confirmation is not received within two business days, the applicant should contact Kimberly Wrasse at kwrasse@aafs.org.

In collaboration with the Forensic Sciences Foundation (FSF), CRC Press will fund the top-scoring FSF Student Travel Grant candidate, as determined through the FSF selection process outlined in the article entitled “FSF Student Travel Grants.” In addition to funding the $1,500 travel grant, CRC Press will donate an “instant library” worth $1,500 (list price) in pre-selected books to this student at the Annual Scientific Meeting. The “FSF/CRC Press Student Travel Grant and Book Prize” will have an overall value of $3,000.

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