Toxicology: Honoring our Mentors and Traditions

Source: Sarah Kerrigan, PhD, Section Secretary As part of President Martell’s meeting theme Celebrating The Forensic Science Family, he identified three sub-themes, one of which was “Honoring Our Mentors and Traditions.” The 2014 theme focused more on mentorship and education for the next generation of forensic scientists but in “Honoring our Mentors and Traditions,” I […]

Digital & Multimedia Sciences: Celebrating the Forensic Science Family Cyber-Style

Source: Peter R. Stephenson, PhD, Section Program Chair Of all of the forensic sciences, a digital and multimedia science has the potential to be one of the most collaborative. Unlike some more rigidly-defined sciences, digital science touches almost every aspect of life. In doing so, it becomes part of crime scenes that also are characterized […]

General: Successful Collaborations in Forensic Science

Source: Steven Clark, PhD, Section Program Chair The theme of this year’s Academy meeting, Celebrating the Forensic Science Family, is an opportunity to recognize the efforts “family” members have made to the disciplines represented by the various sections in the American Academy of Forensic Sciences as well as the collaborative contributions members have made to […]

Engineering Sciences: Taking Science to Heart

Sources: Carol A. Erikson, MSPH, Section chair, incorporating valuable contributions from Donn N. Peterson, MSME, PE, Walter Goldstein, PhD, James B. Hyzer, PhD, and Peter Alexander, PhD ESS became a member of the AAFS family with its first official meeting as the “Engineering Section” back in 1982. Spearheaded by members of the General Section, including […]