President’s Spotlight—Presenting the Exciting New AAFS Logo

Source: Carl R. McClary, MS, 2021-22 AAFS President

As promised in my address at our annual meeting, we have begun the process of finalizing some of the changes we feel are needed within the organization. One of those is the redesign of our logo! Although the current logo has served us well for many years, our goal was to create a new visual identifier for AAFS that is recognizable, memorable, yet modern. Overall, we felt that, similar to the way the Academy’s disciplines have expanded and our standards continue and improve, our logo required changes to reflect those transitions and improvements. Respecting our new virtual direction, the new mark and text needed to take a digital-first approach in which it could stand on its own in a variety of sizes and complement various digital formats. With this in mind, our provider, Interactive Strategies, helped us develop a mark that is focused on simplicity and readability.

The new AAFS mark takes inspiration from the multidisciplinary nature of forensic science. The “knot” design reflects the interconnectedness of the disciplines as they work closely together to promote justice for all. The mark also brings a sense of strength and movement, reflecting the Academy’s commitment to advancing forensic science with integrity and scientific rigor. The shapes are influenced by the scales of justice and a sense of fairness/balance. The new fonts used in the logo retain a sense of authority and longevity of the Academy, while also tying into the shapes and angles of the new mark. Finally, the traditional blue AAFS color has been expanded and brightened, bringing a fresh, modern feel to the brand.


The new logo design represents the overall transitions of the AAFS that began with the updated Vision, Mission, Values. The Board and I hope you are excited about the new look and will embrace the sense of modernity and optimism that it imparts. This is a change that may require some adjustment, but I trust you will come to appreciate both it and its message!