2015 “Friends of the General Section” (FOGS):

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Al B. Agellon, BS

William B. Andrews, MFS

James A. Bailey, PhD

Carlton-Jane P. Beck-Findley, MS

Alan F. Boehm, MFS

B.G. Brogdon, MD

Karen T. Campbell, MD

Brian S. Clark, MFS

Joanna L. Collins, MFS

Carrie Costello, BA

Kathleen Diebold Hargrave, MA

Steven L. Downs, MFS

Sandra R. Enslow, BA

Winnie Furnari, MS

John E. Gerns, MFS

Brett E. Harding, MBA

Theodore N. Hariton, MD

Neal H. Haskell, PhD

Donald Hayden, MFS

Julie A. Howe, MBA
Paul E. Kish, MS
Laura La Cagnina, RN, MSN
Carlos J. Lopez-Gobernado, PhD
Frank M. Marchak, PhD
Thomas P. Mauriello, MFS
Cheryl F. Nelson, DVM
David G. Pauly, MFS
Sharon L. Plotkin, MS
Gary M. Pusillo, PhD
Stewart D. Ryckman, MD
Kathleen Sekula, PhD
Katherine Shipley, MSCJ
Patricia C. Smith, BA
Crystal L. Wagoner, MFS
Matthew C.Wietbrock, BS
T.L. Williams, MFS
David J. Zeliff, MFS