2017 AAFS Anthropology Section Program

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Sources: Vincent H. Stefan, PhD, Section Program Chair, and Elizabeth A. Miller, PhD, Section Program Co-Chair

Hello Everyone,

I hope everyone enjoyed the meeting in Las Vegas and we want to thank Gregory Berg and Kate Spradley for putting together a fantastic program. Beth and I plan to put together a program that is equally as good for the 2017 AAFS meeting in New Orleans, LA. The theme for next year’s conference is Our Future Reflects Our Past: The Evolution of Forensic Science, so we would like to encourage everyone to begin thinking about developing presentations that reflect this theme. It is not too long before the call for abstract submissions will begin, so start planning now, if you haven’t already.

With regard to abstracts, there are some things we need everyone to consider:

  1. Learning objectives and impact statements are NOT necessarily embedded in the abstract, but please make sure you have provided them when submitting your abstract through the AAFS’s submission system.
  2. Pay close attention to the word count limits established by AAFS.
  3. Avoid putting figures or tables into the abstract; once published in the Proceedings, these figures and tables are too small to be legible.
  4. If you are submitting your presentation/abstract for competition for the J. Lawrence Angel Award or Ellis R. Kerley Award, please make sure to check the appropriate boxes on the abstract submission form. Regarding the JLA Award, advisors and students need to remember that these presentations must be student authored only, no PhDs. Also, the students must have the presentation manuscript ready and submitted to Peer Moore-Jansen prior to the beginning of the meeting.
  5. For presenters of oral presentations, please remember to leave a minute or two at the end of your presentation for questions.

We are thinking about running a joint session on taphonomy with the Pathology/Biology and General Sections; if you are interested in participating in such a session, please contact Beth or I.

One last thing – if you and/or a senior graduate student are interested in moderating and/or co-moderating a session, please let me know. I will be compiling a list of those interested and will assign individuals as needed.

We are excited to receive and review your submissions and look forward to building a program you all will enjoy.

Have a great summer and best regards!