2017 Anthropology Awards

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Source: Jennifer C. Love, PhD, Section Secretary

Please join me in congratulating our colleagues who received awards during the AAFS 69th Annual Scientific Meeting.

The T. Dale Stewart Award — Julie Saul and Frank Saul were awarded the 2017 T. Dale Stewart Award for their outstanding contributions to forensic anthropology. We look forward to passing the award to P. Willey at the 2018 meeting. Congratulations to Julie, Frank, and P.!

sauls tds award 2017

The J. Lawrence Angel Award, a Forensic Anthropology Student Paper Award — Congratulations to Michala Stock who won the 2017 award for her paper titled Growth and Development of Secondary Sex Characteristics in the Human Skull. Michael Warren serves as Michala’s research adviser. We look forward to presenting the award to Michala in 2018. Congratulations to Sarah Ellingham who received her 2017 award during the Anthropology Section Business Meeting.

 Angel Award Photo - Stock ellingham jla award 2017


The Ellis R. Kerley Award — Congratulations to Marin Pilloud for her award-winning paper titled A New Application for Estimating Ancestry Based on Dental Morphology.

piloud kerley award 2017 


Also, congratulations to Leslie Eisenberg who will serve a five-year term on the Journal of Forensic Sciences (JFS) Editorial Board. The JFS is in good hands with Leslie.

Please join me in thanking our 2017 Anthropology Section leadership for a job well done. Thank you Section Chair Greg Berg, Section Secretary Kate Spradley, Program Chair Vincent Stefan and Program Co-Chair Elizabeth Miller!

Finally, we look forward to the 2018 Anthropology Program. Program Chair Paul Emanovsky (paul.d.emanovsky.civ@mail.mil) and Program Co-Chair Kristen Harnett-McCann (kmhart77@aol.com) have promised to develop an exciting and educational program. Please send them any questions you have regarding your abstract submission. Kate Spradley (mks@txstate.edu) will lead us through the year as Section Chair. Please reach out to her with any suggestions, questions, or concerns. Congratulations, Paul, Kristen, and Kate, on your new positions!

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