2019 Academy Meeting Highlights and Call for Papers for 2020 (YES! TIME IS RUNNING OUT!)

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Source: Marla E. Carroll, BS, Section Chair

ABSTRACTS FOR THE 2020 ANNUAL MEETING ARE DUE BY MIDNIGHT ON AUGUST 1. There is no wiggle room. Please submit all abstracts for workshops, posters, and presentations via the AAFS website. If you have any questions, please contact your 2020 DMS Program Co-Chair Douglas White (douglas.white@nist.gov) or Section Co-Chair Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar (kspellar@purdue.edu).

Even as we prepare for the 2020 meeting in Anaheim, CA, here are some highlights of the 2019 meeting in Baltimore, MD:

The 2019 DMS Scientific Program, headed by Program Chair Mary Horvath and Program Co-Chair Douglas White, was a resounding success. Our workshops, “The Impact of Emerging Technologies on Digital & Multimedia Forensics and “Forensic Multimedia Authentication,” were both well-attended and well-received. The presentations on Thursday and Friday did not just have something for everyone, but A LOT for everyone—from mobile forensics to breaking passwords to speed calculations to the Internet of Things (IoT) to DeepFakes. Congratulations and thanks to all who worked so hard, including the members of the DMS Program Committee, presenters, moderators, and especially Mary and Douglas.

We had 48 registrants for the Baltimore meeting, a pretty good showing, but we hope for MANY more in Anaheim in 2020. Please talk to your colleagues who not only would benefit from participating in the AAFS, but who would also benefit the AAFS by their participation! Information regarding requirements for membership can be found on the AAFS website.

At the annual section business meeting, Marcus Rogers, the 2017–18 past-chair of the DMS Section, was elected by our members to serve on the AAFS Board of Directors. Our members also re-elected myself as Section Chair and Jason Paroff as Section Secretary. Jason and I will continue our efforts to update our section’s policies and procedures and strive to make your experience at the 2020 meeting the best it can possibly be.

Also during the meeting, the DMS awards were presented. Mark Pollitt received the Carrie Morgan Whitcomb Outstanding Service Award, which is bestowed upon a person who has accomplished or performed a superior service or has demonstrated a history of commendable service to the Digital & Multimedia Sciences Section, the Academy, or forensic science. Mark has certainly done all of these things and is a founding member of our Section. Joseph Levi White received the DMS award for Outstanding Case Study for his 2018 presentation, “A Case Study: Ransomware Containing Child Pornography Observed on an Android Mobile Device.” Congratulations to both Mark and Joseph.

The following DMS members accepted appointments as Chairs/Co-Chairs of the DMS committees for 2019-2020: Program Committee—Douglas White/Kathryn Seigfried-Spellar; Planning Committee—Jason Lewis/Josh Brunty; Awards Committee—Walter Hart/Andrew Crouse; Membership Committee—Patrick Eller/Joseph Levi White. Please know that the AAFS is powered by volunteer effort. Please contact the chair of any committee(s) on which you would like to participate and help out. Descriptions of the committees can be found on Page 169 of the AAFS Policy and Procedures Manual, Section 7.5.3. Believe me … there is much work to be done!

Best regards to all. Hope to see you in Anaheim!