AAFS 2015 Highlights from Engineering Sciences Section

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In anticipation of the warm weather venue for this year’s meeting, Engineering Sciences put forth over 50 presentations in diverse subjects such as vehicle crash-worthiness, biomechanics, firearms testing, and environmental investigations. Despite the unseasonably cold temperatures, we enjoyed good attendance for each block of presentations.

Among the presentation highlights was the joint session on error rates in forensic sciences. Peter Alexander of Engineering Sciences and Stephanie Domitrovic of Jurisprudence organized a wide-ranging session that included experts in accident reconstruction, toxicology, and DNA testing. Mark Pozzi and Kenneth Saczalski did an excellent job exposing the problem of seat back failures in rear-end vehicular collisions. Kurt Weiss, Parris Ward, and Adam Aleksander detailed novel uses of technology in accident reconstruction investigations.

Our business meeting was preceded by a luncheon at B.B. King’s Blues Club. A highlight of the business meeting was Helmut Brosz’s gracious offer to host a summer meeting for Engineering Sciences members in Canada. Michelle Hoffman was selected as our section secretary, while John Nixon will be taking over as section chair. David Pienkowski will be the program chair for next year’s meeting in Las Vegas.