Announcing a Webinar Series on the OSAC-ASB Process

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Source: Kristy Kadash, PhD

A new Promega® Webinar Series will be held over the next few months. The series is free and open to all. A portion of the abstract is provided here:

A series of webinars have been created to provide information and educate the forensic and criminal justice community regarding new and emerging standards and best practice recommendations available for use by forensic biology and DNA testing laboratories. The overall goal of the webinar series is to provide detailed information regarding the development of the documents aimed at promoting best laboratory practices and high-quality testing and the new standards currently available in the field for use and implementation in crime laboratories around the world. This series will also address standards and best practices currently under development and how members of the community can participate in the development and promulgation of future documents.

  • The first webinar is scheduled for July 15. John Paul Jones II, Teresa Ambrosius ASB Secretariat, and Robyn Ragsdale will describe the process of standards development and publication by the Organization of Scientific Area Committees (OSAC) and the AAFS Standards Board (ASB).
  • The second webinar is scheduled for August 5. Charlotte Word and Johanna Johnson will discuss the two DNA-related standards that were recently placed on the OSAC Registry: ANSI/ASB Standard 020—Standard for Validation Studies of DNA Mixtures and Development and Verification of a Laboratory’s Mixture Interpretation Protocol, First Edition 2018, and ANSI/ASB Standard 040—Standard for Forensic DNA Interpretation and Comparison Protocols, First Edition 2019. Johanna Johnson will also present how the Indiana State Police Laboratory is implementing these standards.
  • The third webinar is scheduled for September 9. Kimberly B. Murga and Beth Ordeman will provide background and details on the suite of DNA Training Standards developed by the Biological Methods and Biological Data Reporting and Interpretation subcommittees, including ANSI/ASB Standard 022—Standard for Forensic DNA Analysis Training Programs, First Edition 2019.
  • Additional webinars may be added to describe other standards in development.

After attending these webinars, participants will have a greater understanding of the rigorous standards development process and the practical implications of their implementation. Please click HERE to register for the series.