Anthropology Section News—Outreach Request

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Source: Marin A. Pilloud, PhD, Section Secretary

The ad hoc committee on outreach, engagement, retention, and recruitment is compiling a list of field schools, internships, and funding/scholarship/fellowship opportunities to share with the membership. If you have such an opportunity or know of a great one, please let us know so we can document and share with everyone. Please include the following information in your email (if you have it):

  1. Application deadline
  2. Cost
  3. Link to website

Additionally, if you have information on a skeletal collection that you curate that is available for scientific research, we would love to compile and share that information as well! Please include in your email:

  1. Skeletal collection name/location
  2. Link to website
  3. Contact information for access

E-mails can be sent to either:

Please contact us if you have any more questions.

Thank you!

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